Meet Kaye Mitchell

KayeKaye Mitchell serves the ICA Chief Legislative Liaison
Officer. She is the President and CEO of MKM Enterprises, Inc., d.b.a., Certify to Success. For the past 12 years she has provided consulting to business owners on actively planning, organizing, networking and developing their companies. Because of her acquired knowledge of certification programs and other government procurement issues, she founded Certify to Success in 2003. Certify to Success specializes in helping small businesses navigate the confusion of what if any certification programs support their needs and how best to market their certifications once received. In addition, Certify to Success educates small businesses on the value and opportunity in operating a well-organized company, especially when they desire to contract their products/services to the government.

In addition to her current business, Kaye has been part owner of four other small businesses over the past 22 years. She started her first business back in the late 1980s and experienced first hand the complex, nearly impossible task of contracting with the government. Then in 1995, Kaye began consulting small businesses on the best methods and tools to systemize, organize, and develop their companies. As President of NAWBO’s Pikes Peak Chapter from 1997-1999 she found many of the members asking for her assistance on ways to procure government contracts. Kaye continued to hear, both through her consulting and involvement with various professional organizations specific to small business owners, that one of the biggest mysteries for the majority of developing entrepreneurs was still how to procure government contracts. Since she already had a passion for public policy, she soon became actively involved in seeking solutions to the contract bundling issue.

Kaye already knew the value of certification, but educating individuals on the importance of strategic alliances, teaming arrangements and/or joint ventures increased her knowledge of the requirements and nuances of the multitude of certifications available. She soon found that numerous people were referring small business owners to her for certification assistance, especially when seeking entrance into the Federal 8(a) Business Development Program or the Small Disadvantaged Business (SDB) certification. Therefore, she founded Certify to Success to address issues pertaining to certification and procurement.

Kaye is currently the Captain of Colorado’s Instant Impact Team and participates in the Membership Council. In addition, over the past couple of years she has actively pursued better resources throughout the State of Colorado that will provide effective training to developing small businesses.

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